Partnership for Modernisation Facility

Joint Statement on the Partnership for Modernisation

Meeting at Rostov-on-Don for their 25th Summit on May 31-June 1, 2010, the European Union and Russia launched a Partnership for Modernisation to the mutual benefit of their citizens.

In a world in which peoples and economies are ever more closely connected and inter-dependent, modernising our economies and societies becomes ever more important and necessary.

The European Union and Russia, as long-standing strategic partners in a changing multipolar world, are committed to working together to address common challenges with a balanced and result-oriented approach, based on democracy and the rule of law, both at the national and international level. The New European Union - Russia Agreement, which is currently under negotiation, will also provide the basis for achieving these objectives. In this context, the Partnership for Modernisation will serve as a flexible framework for promoting reform, enhancing growth and raising competitiveness, and will build on results achieved so far in the context of the four European Union - Russia Common Spaces, complementing partnerships between European Union Member States and the Russian Federation. The sectoral dialogues will be a key implementation instrument for the Partnership for Modernisation.

The European Union and Russia have a common interest in enhancing bilateral trade and investment opportunities and in facilitating and liberalising trade in the global economy as well as strengthening and developing competition, including through Russia’s early WTO accession.

Priority areas of the Partnership for Modernisation will include: expanding opportunities for investment in key sectors driving growth and innovation, enhancing and deepening bilateral trade and economic relations, and promoting small and medium sized enterprises; promoting alignment of technical regulations and standards, as well as a high level of enforcement of intellectual property rights; improving transport; promoting a sustainable low-carbon economy and energy efficiency, as well as international negotiations on fighting climate change; enhancing co-operation in innovation, research and development, and space; ensuring balanced development by addressing the regional and social consequences of economic restructuring; ensuring the effective functioning of the judiciary and strengthening the fight against corruption; promoting people-to-people links; and enhancing dialogue with civil society to foster participation of individuals and business. This list of areas for cooperation is not exhaustive. Other areas for cooperation can be added as appropriate. The European Union and Russia will encourage implementation of specific projects within the framework of the Partnership for Modernisation.

The Partnership for Modernisation will be the subject of continuous monitoring and exchanges at all levels of the European Union - Russia dialogue. The co-ordinators of the Partnership and the co-chairs of the European Union - Russia sectoral dialogues will closely interact in the Partnerships implementation. The European Union and Russia have exchanged concepts on the European Unions and Russias visions of the main areas for cooperation within the context of the Partnership for Modernisation.

Rolling Work Plan

A rolling work plan [395 KB] was approved by the coordinators on 7 December 2010 as an informal tool "Work Plan for activities within the EU-Russia Partnership for Modernisation"

What is the Partnership for Modernisation Facility?

The Partnership for Modernisation Facility can support activities which reflect the priorities of the Work Plan of the Partnership for Modernisation and which are presented by the existing EU-Russia Dialogues in the framework of the four EU-Russia Common Spaces.

Eligible applicants

Eligible applicants are different ministries of the Russian Federation and directorates-general of the European Commission participating in the Common Spaces Dialogues related to the priority areas of the Partnership for Modernisation.

Activities that can be financed

Only actions jointly agreed by Russian and EU institutions, participants of the Common Spaces dialogues. For the specific types of activities please see the application form.

How to apply?

Eligible applicants may submit an application for the facility using the following application form:

Application form for the Partnership for Modernisation Facility

Completed application forms should be transmitted to the EU Delegation to Russia by e-mail:

or by fax: +7 (495) 721-20-40

Applications should be sent with a cover letter addressed to the Head of Delegation. Applications may be submitted at any time.

How are applications evaluated?

Applications will be reviewed by relevant services in the European Commission and the Russian Government, and by the Coordinators of the Partnership for Modernisation. The applicant will be informed about the result at the latest within one month after the respective evaluation.

What happens to my application if it is approved?

Please note that the Partnership for Modernisation Facility is not a grant programme. Applications, which receive a positive assessment from the relevant services of the European Commission and the Russian government, will be implemented by experts selected according to the tender procedures of the European Commission.

The most commonly used procurement procedure is the Framework Contract procedure. For more information on this procedure, please refer to the relevant website:

In some cases the European Commission may launch a tender procedure or opt for a Direct Agreement with an international organisation.

Should you require any further information, please contact the EU Delegation: