Russia-EU Energy Dialogue

Co-Chairman of the dialogue



A.B.Novak Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation


G. Oettinger, Commissioner for Energy, European Commission

G. Oettinger Commissioner for Energy, European Commission

Main Projects

  • Energy efficiency, energy conservation, renewable energy sources (RES)
  • Other issues related to energy

Dynamics of realization of projects on the Energy Dialogue

Russia and the EU in the context of are interdependent relations in the energy field. Energy products make up 74% of total EU imports from Russia. Russia is the largest importer of oil and oil products, gas, uranium and coal into EU as well as the third largest importer of electricity.

Working groups that are a part of the dialogue, including co-chairpersons on the Russian and EU part

1) Thematic group on energy strategies, forecasts and scenarios

  • a) subgroup on economy of the energy industry

2) Thematic group on energy efficiency

3) Thematic group on development of energy markets

  • a) subgroup on investment
  • b) subgroup on infrastructural projects

4) Special group on electric energy

5) Working group on laws of the European Union

Additional Information

Schedule of Actions

Contact persons :


Natalia Ivanovna Nozdrina, Head of the International Organisations Department

tel.: +7 (495) 631-83-22

fax: +7 (495) 631-81-50

Nadezhda SergeevnaKurova-Chernavina, specialist of Department of the International Cooperation, SC "Rosatom"

tel.:(499) 949-22-46


Johannes Baur, Directorate General for Energy, European Commission :

tel.: 0032-2-29 908 50

fax: 0032-2-29 598 16