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Communications Networks, Content and Technology (CNECT)R.Viola

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Dynamic of realization of projects on Information Society dialogue

In the action Plan to implement the initiative of Russia-EU "Partnership for modernization" (hereinafter - PM), coordinated with the European side, p. 1.1.3 "Telecommunications and information technologies" refers to the competence of the Ministry of communications of Russia.
-The regulation and management: exchange of information on the regulation of the telecommunications industry and Internet governance in the framework of the expert meetings of the Dialogue on the information society;
-Radio spectrum: active exchange of information on issues of radio spectrum in the context of the transition from analogue to digital broadcasting networks. Preliminary expert meeting in Moscow.
-E-infrastructure: improving the use of various elements and resources of e-infrastructures for scientific research, improve their relationships and access to them.
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Working groups that are a part of the dialogue, including co-chairpersons on the Russian and EU part

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Kiselev M.O., Consultant of International Cooperation DepartmentofMinistry of communications and mass communications of the Russian Federation

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