Co-Chairmanof Working groups onFood safety

Victor Tutelian - Director of the research Institute of nutrition

Lorenzo Terzi — Head of Unit of the Bilateral International relations, DG SANCO, European Commission

Dynamics on the working on food security

There are the need for regular meetings to create a single regulatory basis for the European Union and Russia in order to develop recommendations on the issue of security and the effectiveness of biologically active additives to food, as well as harmonization of adequate levels of consumption of biologically active substances and the development of highly sensitive and selective methods for the determination of minor biologically active substances; to hold the next meeting of the joint working group with the aim of developing a single agreed methodological approaches to assess the safety of genetically modified organisms, joint working group on the development of a unified methodological approaches for assessing the safety of nanomaterials and products of nanotechnologies, as well as methods for the identification and quantification of nanoparticles and nanomaterials, as well as in the development of highly sensitive and selective analytical methods for the determination of residues of antibiotics and mycotoxins, including the establishment of quantitative limits their definitions.