Russia – EU Health Dialogue



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Axelrod Svetlana Valerevna

Deputy Director of Department of International Cooperation and Public Relations


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Isabel de la Mata Principal Adviser for Public Health at Directorate SANCO

Main projects

  • Health

    Harmonization of standards and technical regulations

Dynamics of realization of projects on health

Consultations with partners of the European Commission on using of the experience of the European Union for applying of coercive graphics about the dangers of tobacco use in labeling of tobacco products was held. During the meeting in the Health Ministry information that the European Commission is ready to provide a library of graphic images warning at admission of a formal letter was received from I. de la Mata. In the near future the Health Ministry would write a letter and send it to partners.

Working groups involved in the dialogue, co-chairmen on the Russian and the EU side

Infectious diseases


Food safety

Determinants of health and chronic disease

Additional Information

Agreed schedule of meetings: on coordination with the EU side.


Contact persons


Sonin O.V. Deputy Chief of Section, Department of International Cooperation, Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation

Tel: +7 (495) 621-21-29