Date of joint measures for the implementation of the Strategic program of the customs cooperation EU - Russia in 2013:


Date, venue

Meeting in order to harmonize and coordinate information exchange between automated systems of EurAsEC and the EU in terms of control of customs transit

23-24 January, Brussels

Meeting of the head of the customs cooperation S. Konovalenko with the Director on security issues, trade facilitation and international coordination of the Directorate General for taxation and customs Union European Commission A. Kastrissianakis

The sides discussed the issues of implementation of the Strategic program of the customs cooperation EU – Russia. As result of the meeting the future direction of cooperation was set and date of meetings of the Working group of the EU - Russia customs border issues and relevant expert subgroups assigned.

12 March, Moscow

11th meeting of the Working group on customs and border issues

18-19 June, Brussels

Meeting of experts of the FCS of Russia and the European Commission on international and legal support of the joint information interaction

9 July, Moscow

The meeting between the head of the FCS of Russia A. Belyaninov with head of European Union delegation to the Russian Federation V. Usackas

During the meeting A. Belyaninov and V. Usackas discussed the development of cooperation between the Russian Federation and the European Union in the field of customs and outlined promising directions of its development.

In addition A. Belyaninov informed V. Usackas on the measures taken by the FTS of Russia to streamline the administration of the customs authorities of the Russian Federation international transport with the use of TIR Carnets.

13 September, Moscow

Meeting of the expert of subgroup on the issues of the Authorized economic operator/system of risk management

29 October, Moscow

Extended meeting of experts of the EU - Russia on customs border cooperation

Meeting of the expert subgroup on approximation of the legislations of the EU - Russia

November, Moscow