Sectoral dialogues

Common goal of EIA is the creation of an open and integrated market between the EU and Russia.The aim is to create conditions that will increase opportunities for economic operators, promote trade and investment, facilitate the establishment and operation of companies on the basis of reciprocity as well as strength cooperation in sectors of energy, transport, agriculture, environmental protection; strength economic cooperation and reforms, strength the competitiveness of the economies of the EU and Russia based on the principles of non-discrimination, transparency, good governance and negotiation of dialogue of business sector conducted within the IRT Russia and the EU.

  1. The following dialogues are ongoing:
  2. Energy
  3. Transport
  4. Health
  5. Trade and Investment
  6. Customs
  7. Regulation of industrial production
  8. Agriculture
  9. Space
  10. Intellectual Property
  11. Migration
  12. Visa-Free Dialogue
  13. Environment
  14. Financial and Macroeconomic Policy
  15. Science
  16. Public Procurement
  17. Information Society